November 2007-- MagicHouse Productions is pleased to announce the casting of Scott Ganyo as Alex Gibson for it's upcoming spy thriller "Plausible Deniability. "

"After a long search," Racop said, "It came down to just two very
talented actors, but in the end, Scott won out. Scott will do a great
job." For those that aren't familiar with Scott Ganyo's work, you may check out his website:

The entire staff at MagicHouse Productions welcomes Scott Ganyo.
Welcome aboard, Scott!

October 2007-- goes LIVE! is a new website created by Magichouse's Chuck Budreau. It's sole purpose is to promote films and filmmakers throughout Indiana. The site features links to news articles about the film industry in Indiana, a growing database of actors and crew, a list of upcoming events, i.e. festivals, premieres, casting calls, etc., and most importantly an online forum so that filmmakers, actors, crew members, and enthusiasts can meet and network.

August 2007-- To the absolute relief of some, and to the disappointment of many others, I am going to postpone "Plausible" until spring/summer of 2008. I have not been able to take the time necessary for preproduction to make "Plausible" the quality movie that I want it to be, I have not had the time to lock down a name star for Paragon, and my doctor has told me to slow down. As many of you know, my life has become incredibly complex as the custom car business has absolutely exploded. This sounds like bad news for MagicHouse Productions, but instead it is awesome news, as it only helps make our productions bigger and better. Please be patient with me as I take the time to do this right. --Mark Racop

August 2007-- Magichouse's brad staggs has announced the release of his first novel. It's a project he's been working on for what seems "forever". Co-Writen with Nicki Fellenzer. It is called "Ashmadai", a super-natural tale of faith, courage, and salvation. You can read a sample chapter and the synopsis at Now you can even pre-order the novel and the audio book from the website through PayPal!

July 2007-- The Plausible Deniability investor seminar went really well. It was hosted be Joshua Ramsey, who did a great job keeping the crowd interested and entertained. We met with many potential investors. Menina Fortunato joined us from Los Angeles. She presented our investment seminar a a very nice media file of her work. We also heard from script writer Michael Allen Williams, Special FX guru Jeff Ello, Key Grip Eric Ridge, Sound Supervisor Chuck Budreau, and of course MagicHouse founder Mark Racop. Investments are still being accepted click here for details.

May 2007-- MagicHouse is in the news! Checkout the coverage of the Plausible Deniability Casting Call in the Logansport Pharos Tribune!

May 2007-- Plausible Deniability Casting Call was a great success! Many talented actors auditioned for roles in our upcoming film. Call backs will start soon. Shooting dates are being finalized for sometime in August.

April 2007-- MagicHouse teamed up with Racso Pictures to produce the dramatic love story "A Time For the Heart" in April. Pickup shooting is anticipated in July, 2007. For more information, please visit:

March 2007-- Casting Call for "Plausible Deniability" on May 19th, 2007. Magichouse is pleased to announce the official casting call for the spy thriller "Plausible Deniability. " The casting call will be held at the MagicHouse Productions studios at 602 Erie Avenue, in Logansport, Indiana, 46947, from 2:00PM until 5:00PM, May 19th 2007, unless other arrangements are made. If you are interested in being a part of the cast, please bring a current head shot and resume with you. If you have any questions, please call the studio at 574-722-3237. Parts for which we are seeking actors include: Alex, a twenty something computer tech that becomes a field agent by necessity. Hunyadi, a 30-40ish Russian thug that enjoys being ruthless. We are also seeking lots of people to play extras in a large, formal ballroom scene.

February 2007-- Chris Alexis and Kevin Carr of 7M Pictures announced that "Aidan" and "Low Carb Lunch" have been submitted to the FOX reality show "On the Lot" ( Both of these short films were shot at the Magichouse studio in March of 2006. Check the Media section for direct links to and vote for these great films!

January 2007-- "Loudmouthsoup", the music video shot by Magichouse for the band Ice Cream Headache, has been posted on A link is in the Media section.

November 2006-- "Star Trek Vs Batman" Premiere at the Cinema Grill in Indianapolis. RACSO films produced this fun filled revisit of 1960's TV. A fan film, not for profit project, that many MagicHouse Alumni lent a hand with.

October 2006-- "Dead at the Box Office" DVD release party at Crossroads Cinema. Throbbing Temple's Dead at the Box Office features MagicHouse veteran Michael Allen Williams. It's the story of a Nazi plot the goes wrong and turns a group of late-night moviegoers into zombies!

October 2006-- "Loss" a short film by Kate Chaplin. Principal shooting was completed in Carmel, Indiana. MagicHouse's Lynn Budreau served as sound mixer/supervisor, her husband Chuck Budreau was Boom Opp.

July 2006-- MagicHouse's Greg Fauvergue produces the short film "Middle-Aged Ninja". A rough-cut of the film was shown to a test audience at Inconjuction.

May 2006-- Magichouse and 7M Pictures return to Marcon in Columbus Ohio. This time the Marcon kids took over the USS Enterprise in "Revenge of the Red Shirts". The kids learned how Green Screen F/X can take them 'where no man has gone before!!!'

March 2006-- Magichouse Studios and crew shot 2 short films with 7M Pictures from Columbus Ohio. "Low Carb Lunch" and "Aidan".

February 2006-- Magichouse lent crew and studio space to RACSO Films for a very ambitious fan film, "Star Trek Vs Batman". A fun filled look at 2 of the sixties most popular TV shows....merged!

October 2005--MagicHouse is pleased to announce the purchase of another building to expand our operations! We recently bought 612 Erie, right next door to the studio at 602 Erie. Initially, it will be used to build and store sets, but will eventually be torn down to make way for a large, beautiful, state of the art soundstage.

January 2005--MagicHouse has landed another commercial! We will be shooting a commercial for Judy's Good Life Emporium, a health food store in Logansport, Indiana.

December 2004-- The "near polish" of "Incredible Fire" delivered to director Michelle Gussow. She emailed that night to say she loved our cutting of the film.

October 2004-- Shooting for "Incredible Fire" went really well. It was a thrill working with such a talented cast and crew to make this production.

September 2004--Studio remodeling has begun! We installed a 10 foot garage door, lots of overhead lighting in Studio B, built a tool room, and started dry walling offices.

June 2004--Where to begin? MagicHouse Productions is proud to announce the purchase of an 8,300 square foot facility in Logansport, Indiana, that is being converted into a movie studio. The building boasts two soundstages--one is 53'x37', and the other is 40'x35'. There is plenty of room for office construction, which is anticipated late summer/early fall.

May 2004-- Marcon was awesome. We had a great time co-producing a kids Japanese monster movie with 7M Pictures and 2 Guys With a Camera. The special effects panel hosted by Jeff Ello and Mark Racop was heavily attended.


Have you ever considered investing in a movie but you weren’t sure about the ins and outs of the business. MagicHouse Productions’ president Mark Racop hosted a free film investment seminar Monday, July 16th, in Indianapolis Indiana.

The MagicHouse Film Investment seminar was a great success. Joshua
Ramsey (Star Trek vs Batman) emceed the event, with Mark Racop as the keynote speaker. Artisans Jeff Ello, Eric Ridge, Chuck Budreau, and Michael Allen Williams contributed their expertise to the event as well.

Menina Fortunato (Poseidon, Star Trek Enterprise) flew in from Hollywood to attend the seminar. Menina presented a short video montage of her acting, modeling and dancing career. She is expected to join the cast of Plausible Deniability as the female lead.

Special guest, Menina Fortunato (Poseidon, Star Trek Enterprise), spoke about how exciting it was to work on "Plausible Deniability."

Topics included legal setups for movie investments, the importance of casting for independent movies, an explanation of Box Office Grosses vs. Net Profits, the over inflated Film Festivals, the underrated Film Markets, the importance of sound in a movie, and also included a question and answer segment.

“As a movie producer, I can tell you the good, the bad and the wonderful about investing in movies,” Racop said.

Racop, whose company has produced six movies and shorts in the last three years, has been involved with the movie business as a director and producer since 1980. He majored in telecommunications with a film emphasis at Ball State University. Racop owns an 8,300 square foot movie studio in Logansport, Indiana. His credits include “Rock N Roll Starship,” “Coma Care,” “Starship 2: Rendezvous With Ramses,” “Incredible Fire,” “A Time For the Heart” and the upcoming spy thriller “Plausible Deniability.”

For more information on investing Click Here!

Megan Werle(Aidan) and Menina Fortunato(Poseidon, Star Trek Enterprise)


A new threat has emerged from the Russian mafia, a bio-terrorism weapon that could wipe out millions. When the superspy is killed, it's up to his tech to save the day in this action-packed spy thriller. This movie is slated to go into production in 2008.

Checkout the article from the

Logansport Pharos Tribune!

Coming Soon!!!!!

Shooting wrapped on Starship2: Rendezvous with Ramses in mid 2002. Even before shooting was complete work on the visual F/X were started. The film is still being groomed by our visual F/X guru Jeff Ello. We have added Ian Strandberg to our F/X team. Ian recently completed work on the epic parody "Dork of the Rings". The answer to the question "When will Starship2 be completed?"

It won't be much longer...