Why should you invest in our movies? Because we understand the intended audience, and we have molded our films directly for it. We put together solid casts and crews. We have conditionally approached several name stars to play in upcoming films, including Adam West (Batman), John Astin (Addams Family), Robert Leeshock (Earth Final Conflict), Jason Carter (Babylon 5), Anita La Selva (Earth Final Conflict), Glenn Shaddix (Beetlejuice), Erin Gray (Buck Rogers), Marc Singer (Beastmaster), and Aimee Allen (Star Wars--Episode 2).

Our budgets are low enough for quick recoupment, but high enough to make quality movies. We have an ongoing relationship with local businesses to provide a substantial amount of product donations, discounts, and deferments.

We finance each movie as an individual limited partnership. The investors recoup their money out of the first dollar earned, and receive a handsome profit afterward. The investor is protected from liability and is only obligated to the amount invested. MagicHouse is the General Partner, in charge of how the money is spent.

MagicHouse sends regular updates on progress of each movie so everyone is informed. This simple letter puts investors at ease when their money is on the line.

We have a strong investment package that will not only make you a lot of money, but it will be fun in the process. You are welcome to visit the sets, meet the stars, and enjoy film making at its best. We hope you'll want to join the growing family of investors, crew, and stars that have already become part of MagicHouse Productions.

For more information about investing in a MagicHouse Productions, please contact representative Donna Neuman of Pipeline Productions or President Mark Racop:

Donna Neuman Phone: 313-410-3903
Mark Racop Phone: 574-722-3237

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email Mark Racop:

Snail Mail Address: Mark Racop
MagicHouse Productions
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Now accepting investments!

"A new threat has emerged from the Russian mafia, a bio-terrorism weapon that could wipe out millions. When the superspy is killed, it's up to his tech to save the day in this action-packed spy thriller. This movie is slated to go into production in 2008."

“Plausible Deniability.” will be funded through a Limited Partnership agreement. Magichouse Productions is offering 400 units at $500 per unit, with a two unit minimum purchase. The plan is to raise $224,999 for the movie.

For more information contact Mark Racop

Phone: 574-722-3237

by Mark Racop

Criminals are giving new faces and new identification to crooks whose faces that are too well-known. Steve Trent, an ex-jewel thief-turned government operative, is mistaken for one of those crooks--can he bluff his way through it all?