The People Behind MagicHouse Productions

Brad Staggs

Brad Staggs, a former resident of Logansport, Indiana, has been working with MagicHouse Productions and Mark Racop on various projects since the early 90’s. He landed the part of Professor Johann Marcus in Starship 1: Havoc on Homeworld simply by being in the right place at the right time, and that had a lot to do with killing his acting bug.
Brad was born in Terre Haute, Indiana far too many years ago. He joined the United States Air Force in 1985 and got his first taste of writing for the Sembach Tiger, the base newspaper for Sembach Air Base, West Germany. It has been almost impossible to get him to stop writing ever since.
The 90’s were a non-stop blur of writing and creativity for Brad. In 1994, he and his then-wife Noelle and mother-in-law Nanci started Sleepless Knights Productions, a small, home recording studio in order to record the music Noelle and Brad had been writing together.
Together with artist Kevin Halter, Brad created the world of the Traveler’s Pub, a three-issue comic book series that was published by Mark and Jill Racop under the MagiComics banner. The comic book was well received and allowed the guys to achieve their childhood dreams of being the biggest geeks on the block by attending what was then Chicago ComiCon as guests.
Brad continued writing and began a novel entitled Ashmadai in 1995. After several years of working on the novel, he brought in co-writer Nicki Fellenzer, and the book will be published in early summer of 2007.
Thanks to the Civic Players of Logansport, Brad remained busy in the theater during the 90’s, writing quite a few one-act plays for their annual Night of One-Acts and finally writing Essentially American, a full-length, 2-act stage comedy, which was produced by Civic Players in March, 1999.
In early 2001, Brad joined the Army National Guard as a Broadcast and Print Journalist, successfully completing three courses at the Defense Information School. He was called to active duty from February 2003 to February 2005 and now works at the Pentagon in Washington, DC for the Chief of Army Public Affairs. His days are filled working with the national media and editing video, a dream job that is far too good for him.
Brad was again called to active duty in August, 2006 and is currently stationed in the province of Kosovo. He has taped a pilot show for a Sitcom he wrote entitled Ex-Kid, which can be seen on YouTube and at his blog site on which he keeps a semi-daily or weekly… depending on the week… blog ( Also Check out his YouTube List