The People Behind MagicHouse Productions

Jeff Ello

Jeff Ello (often called J.Ello or just "Jello!") is equal parts
Engineer and Artist. He has found success both on the technical and
aesthetic sides of the digital world, directing the technology efforts
of the top ranked Krannert School of Management at Purdue University,
as well as directing the visual efforts of a number of commercial
print, web, and video productions, including Starship II: Rendezvous
with Ramses, currently in post production.

Jeff is an authority on technology and communication mediums, and for
15 years, he has served as an instructor, consultant, and technical
advisor to dozens of Midwest corporations, bringing a wealth of
cross-discipline experience to create unique solutions for a wide range
of needs.

On the set of Starship II, Jeff wears many hats including Director of
Photography, Visual Effects Supervisor and Post-production Supervisor.
Of his endeavors, he says, “The goal with Starship II is to raise the
quality of production to an absurd high, considering the budget. The
budget is always a constraint, but you will see effects that are
reserved for high budget features simply because we’re developing
unorthodox techniques that produce great results, on 1/100 the staff
and money. There is very little one can do in Hollywood that can’t be
replicated elsewhere. It’s not just the visual effects that we’re
pushing, it’s the whole production pipeline. With Starship II, I saw
an opportunity to stretch my legs and really blow away some of the
misconceptions like since there’s no money, the art has to suffer.”

Jeff’s philosophy on possibilities in the independent film market is
echoed in the name of his production company, MassiveWorks.
MassiveWorks will continue to use bleeding edge technologies guided by
an artist’s intuition to create the highest-quality productions at any budget.