The People Behind MagicHouse Productions

Greg Fauvergue

Greg Fauvergue is the "celestial engineer" behind many of MagicHouse
Productions' movies. Easily comfortable with a high-end digital video
camera or a sawzall in his capable hands, Greg brings the magic of
movies to life. From set construction and modelmaking to lighting and
camera, Greg's diverse background makes him an incredible asset to any

He began by building the giant castle set of Carfax Abbey for the 1992
Civic Player's production of "Dracula." "Dracula" was the most
successful non-musical for Civic Players to date.

Greg built a miniature space station model for "Starship 1: Havoc on
Homeworld" for MagicHouse. This huge model was 15 by 20 feet, and had
a mountain range nearly six feet high! The model boasted many moving
parts, as well as dozens of blinking lights to add to the realism.

Greg next produced all of the wonderful sets and props for the
stageplay "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat."

He owned his own comic book shop for a few years, but the film bug
grabbed him again when MagicHouse was in pre production for "Starship 2:
Rendezvous With Ramses." Greg took on the arduous task of rebuilding
the Zep'Lin bridge, adding a corridor behind the bridge, building a
portable exterior spaceship set, the control room of the time travel
stargate, the Ramses Colony corridors, brig, wiring room, and control
tower, as well as building the 20'x40' Zep'Lin engine room--in only
three days!

Greg missed out on the on-set experience on "Starship 2," so he made
the transition to cameraman. Having been a professional photographer
for 15 years made it a snap. He was the director of photography and
main camera operator on Slide Zone/MigdahLohr's "Incredible Fire," the
music video "Loud Mouth Soup," 7M Pictures' "Aidan" and "Low Carb
Lunch," and the fan film favorite "Star Trek vs. Batman."

Greg's directorial debut was a comedy short called "Middle-aged
Ninjas," which he also wrote. The short played to an enthusiastic test
audience at Inconjunction in Indianapolis in 2006.

Greg and his beautiful wife Peg reside in a handbuilt castle north of
Logansport, Indiana.