The People Behind MagicHouse Productions

Eric Ridge

Eric Ridge graduated from Bloomington High School, where he worked in the AV department for three years, operating 16MM film projectors and 1" videotape recorders and cameras.

He currently works as a machinist, welder, electrician, and draftsman for Griner Engineering in Bloomington. These skills have come in handy many times in the movie industry: Eric designed and built three camera cranes and two camera dolly systems. The 21' camera crane sports a remote control for the camera, virtual reality goggles to see the camera view, and it breaks down into five foot sections to fit inside his station wagon.

Eric Ridge has worked as the Key Grip and Sound Mixer on "Starship 2," "Coma Care," "Incredible Fire," and "Shadows." His work in camera operation includes a Star Wars fan film, a music video for the band Ice Cream Headache called"Loud Mouth Soup," and a commercial for Judy's Good Life Emporium. His other experience includes working on documentaries and event recording for the Biggs and Carter Experience acting seminar, Little Turtle Waterway, Gospel singer BJ Wray's concert, a test faux trial for a law firm, Sinwon Lee recital, four dance recitals, and three weddings.