The People Behind MagicHouse Productions

Christopher Tracy

Chris was born at a very early age. He was approached for 'Rock 'N Roll Starship' while working at a battery and watch kiosk in Indianapolis which, coincidentally, closed immediately after his departure! (By the way, if you need a good watch...)

Although his physical birth took place in August of 1970, his existence was not substantiated until the Fall of 1987 when a small group of Ben Davis High School students began circulating his writings.

There were more reported sightings of him than there were of Elvis!

He, however, kept to himself and was never actually photographed until the movie in question, at which point he saw his shadow and we had six more weeks of winter!

To his many acting credits go The Tree in 'The William Tell Story', body double for TAFKAP in 'Purple Reign of Blood-Revenge of the Father', and mostly acting the fool to a plethora of unyielding female companions...but that is another story...