Starship II is a film about three outcasts who have a chance to clear their names by traveling back in time and preventing themselves from making the biggest mistake of their lives....

The film is produced by MagicHouse Productions and Massive Works, Directed by Mark Racop, and Written by Mark Racop, Charles Budreau and Brad Staggs.

The cast includes Rob Hinkle, Logan Michaels, Michael Allen Williams and Leslie Culton

"This ain't your daddy's Starship"

The Starship Zep'Lin


Logan Michaels as Jorge


Rob Hinkle as Bob


Michael Allen Williams as Doug

John Astin as Professor Peabody


Richard Biggs as Officer Franklin

Leslie Culton as Jane


Jason Carter as Commander Deckins

Richard Hatch as John Alpha

with special appearances by Jason Carter(Babylon 5), Richard Biggs(Babylon 5), Richard Hatch(Battlestar Galactica) and John Astin(Addams Family).