...what it's about!

InterGalactic Avengers' Agent Josi Santrax (Shannon Kennedy) may have thought that being assigned to the Homeworld Space Station to protect an elderly scientist named Professor Johann Marcus (Brad Staggs) would be a cakewalk...but she never counted on renegade robots, uptight androids, or a hero with runaway hormones!

Josie and Prof. Marcus have gotten a priority black distress call off to SentryStar 12 just before they are captured, leaving Commander Dick Deckins (Jerry Robins) and Lt. Ed (Robert Hubbard) with no choice but to turn to the most unlikely place for help... the band known as Baby Seal Target Practice!

Believed in several systems to be the cause of the famous "Ramses Colony Disaster" (Don't ask, it's too horrible to tell!), the band travels from gig to gig in the Starship Zeppelin, a Yugo-class Starship.

Following a particularly bad gig at the Milkeyways Cantina, the guys, at the bidding of Commander Deckins (and after naming their own price), travel to the Homeworld Space Station in order to check on the Priority Black Emergency.

They are greeted by Zake (Christopher Tracy), an android with an inflated sense of self-importance, and immediately set off in an unselfish search for the babe...er...to find out what has gone wrong at the station.

Jorge quickly makes a strange discovery and the guys stumble blindly across the truth which leads everybody on a race against time to save the universe!


Doug Froog (Michael Allen Williams) is the pilot of the Zeppelin, as well the Bass guitarist and keyboardist for the band. He likes big guns and big explosions, but he's really a sweet guy deep down inside...sometimes. His preferred weapon is the Corbomite Device.


Jorge Jettsonn (Logan Michaels) is the science and maintenance officer on board and also plays the drums. He keeps busy because he has had to replace every interior piece of the Zeppelin since coming on board! His preferred weapon is chewing gum.


Bob Dinver (Rob Hinkle) not only plays guitar and sings, he...well...he owns the Zeppelin! That's it. He has appointed himself Captain even though Doug and Jorge will not allow him any working buttons on his console! After all, God only knows what kind of damage Bob could do if given the chance! Bob's preferred weapon is a slingshot.