Located in Logansport, Indiana, MagicHouse Productions, Inc. is an energetic, up-and-coming company on the verge of becoming one of the midwest’s premiere motion picture production houses.

With an 8,300 square foot facility at our disposal, MagicHouse Productions, Inc. can create any-sized production, from the modest to the magnificent.

This is where you can find all kinds of exciting information about independent filmmaking, our convention appearances, and links to other great sites, as well as News about our latest movie projects. CONTACT US to write, shoot, and edit your next production today.

Led by founder MARK RACOP, our talented staff can help you write, design, build, shoot, edit, effect, and score any sized production from a commercial to a full-length motion picture for the silver screen.

MagicHouse shoots MOVIES, documentaries, commercials, music videos, training films, events, and weddings. Camera cranes, dollies, and Steadi-cams are used to obtain the highest production value.

With several upcoming feature films, there are INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES available, so be sure to check it out!

MagicHouse Productions' sequel to the cult classic, "Rock N Roll Starship," which is a staple among science fiction conventions across the midwest, is "STARSHIP II: Rendezvous with Ramses." Featuring John Astin, Richard Biggs, Jason Carter, Richard Hatch, and Leslie Culton, with returning stars Logan Michaels, Robert E. Hinkle, and Michael Allen Williams. "Starship 2" follows Bob, Doug, and Jorge as they accidentally go back in time to and stop the biggest mistake in their lives- Only to find they created a bigger mistake! "Starship 2" is in post production. Completion is expected in 2007.

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A new threat has emerged from the Russian mafia, a bio-terrorism weapon that could wipe out millions. When the superspy is killed, it's up to his tech to save the day in this action-packed spy thriller. This movie is slated to go into production in summer of 2007.